Marian Missionaries of Divine Mercy

The Marian Missionaries of Divine Mercy provides a spirituality that can effectively help us become saints in a relatively easy way. It does so by tapping into and organizing the great and extraordinary graces of what St. John Paul II called “the time of mercy.” These great graces come to us most especially from the teachings of the Second Vatican Council and the great saints of the time of mercy, namely, Pope John Paul II, Therese of Lisieux, Faustina Kowalska, Mother Teresa, and Maximilian Kolbe.

To become a Marian Missionary is simple.

First, you need to make three do-it-yourself retreats by reading the popular books 33 Days to Morning Glory, 33 Days to Merciful Love, and 33 Days to Greater Glory. (See top of the chart below.)

Second, you actually become a Marian Missionary by making the retreat 33 Days to Mary, Mercy, and Community, which comes out next year. (See middle of the chart below.) In the meantime, you can still become a Marian Missionary by reading about and selecting one of the Three Levels of Commitment within the Marian Missionary organization.

Third, you’re invited to go deeper into the spirituality in these ways:

  1. Read selected follow up books (see the bottom of the chart below).
  2. Participate in a Hearts Afire small-group program.
  3. Make a Mercy & Mary Retreat either online or in person.
  4. “Come and See” the Marian Missionary community in Lee, Massachusetts by…
    • Scheduling a potential visit to discern giving a year in the M-2 Guest Program.
    • Staying at the Missionaries’ Guest House as a visitor.