The heart of Marian Missionary spirituality is the encounter with Jesus Christ, the Divine Mercy, an encounter that causes the “joy of the Gospel” (Evangelium Gaudium, 1-8). To foster this encounter, each Marian Missionary seeks to overcome his lack of trust in God’s goodness and the “distorted image” of God that are results of original sin (Catechism, 397, 399). He does this especially in two ways: first, by fostering a deep, filial Marian devotion (especially through Marian consecration), knowing that Mary effectively obtains for us the grace to understand, accept, and trust in God’s mercy; second, by studying and living the Divine Mercy message and devotion, especially by keeping before his eyes the Image of Divine Mercy, which serves as a powerful reminder of the true face of our infinitely merciful God.

By striving to turn away from sin while coming to know, accept, and trust in God’s tender mercy, Marian Missionaries become filled with the joy of the Gospel, which they generously share with others as they give testimony to the goodness, love, and mercy of God.

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Marian Missionary Prayer

The following prayer clearly expresses the spirituality at the heart of the Marian Missionaries, a prayer that all Marian Missionaries are encouraged to recite daily:

Good and gracious Father in heaven, in this time of great mercy, please grant to us Marian Missionaries of Divine Mercy the grace to understand, accept, and trust in the Love and Mercy pouring forth from the Heart of your Son, Jesus.


Dear Mary, our Mother, please keep us under this torrent of Grace that it may make us overflow with the joy of the Gospel. Then, with haste, bring us to those who are lonely, sad, and suffering that they might drink of our joy and meet the loving gaze of God.


Through this work, may we build up the Body of Christ and thus prepare the world for the coming of him who lives and reigns forever and ever. Amen.


St. John Paul II, pray for us.