Level Two

Marian Missionaries Level Two (M-2) consists of all those who, embracing the MMDM spirituality and moved by the vision of the mission statement, seek to aid it through either spiritual or material support or both.

Spiritual Support

FamilyPrayingRegarding spiritual support, such benefactors are encouraged to make a formal prayer commitment according to the following three degrees, a commitment that would entitle them to receive the MMDM newsletter:

  • 1st Degree: Those who commit to praying the MMDM Daily Prayer.
  • 2nd Degree: Those who, in addition to praying the Daily Prayer, commit to regularly praying (daily or weekly) the Chaplet of Divine Mercy, the Rosary, or other such prayer for the Mission.
  • 3rd Degree: Those who bear extraordinary suffering and who desire to offer it for the MMDM. Such missionaries bear the honorary title, “Friends from the Cross,” and make the following offering:

Friends from the Cross Daily Offering

CrossMy Father, if it be possible, let this chalice of suffering pass from me; nevertheless, not as I will, but as you will. If you do not will it to pass, then I accept to drink of it with love, obedient to your will, and uniting it to the redemptive sufferings of your Son, Jesus.

Mary, please help me in this my suffering. Interceded with your Spouse, the Consoler, that he may be close to me, giving me strength to bear my cross with love.

Merciful Mother, I offer you all the merits of my suffering. I give you permission to use them in whatever way you will. May they be for God’s greatest possible glory and the salvation of souls. Also, I ask you to remember my family and friends and the intentions I hold in the silence of my heart. Finally, dear mother, please remember the Marian Missionaries of Divine Mercy. Through your prayers, their efforts, and this suffering I offer to you, may our work of Divine Mercy win the whole world for God as quickly as possible and thus prepare it for the final coming of your divine Son, Jesus. Amen.

Material Support

Regarding material support, such benefactors can make a one-time, occasional, or monthly donation. Learn how you can help us.

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