Level Three

Marian Missionaries Level Three (M-3) consists of all those who embrace MMDM spirituality and intentionally give themselves to the mission through administrative support, service, special projects, and/or various apostolic works.

For instance, there are the MMDM Apostles/Apostolates. These are those Level 3 individuals or ministries (excepting Level 1) who embrace MMDM spirituality, are administrated and supported by the MMDM Support Team and intentionally give themselves to the mission through service, special projects, and various apostolic works.

There are also MMDM “partner organizations” that work directly with the MMDM Support Team to spread Divine Mercy and/or Marian consecration, such as various groups of the Militia Immaculata.

Finally, there are individuals who come to join the MMDM Support Team or who work with it on special projects and initiatives.

If you feel called to something more hands-on to spread Marian consecration and Divine Mercy but can’t give a year as a Level One Missionary, there’s still a place for you in Mary’s army of Marian Missionaries.

Contact the Marian Missionaries Support Team, tell them what’s on your heart, and together you can explore the possibilities.